Please email us your enquiry or support questions and we will get back to you. We reply all genuine questions promptly and we usually reply within 24 hours, quite often within a few hours.


If you did not receive a reply from us


If you are not receiving any emails from us, please check your email Spam or Junk folder to see if our emails are being wrongly filtered there. It is important that you set up your email filters correctly for our domain,, so our messages are not sent to your Spam or Junk folder.


If you continue not receving emails from us despite your best effort to set up the filters correctly, please use another email account from another service provider to contact us so that you can receive our emails. At one time (although they may have stopped already), Comcast and Verizon block all emails from Asia so we could never send any reply to their email addresses.  Yahoo and GMail are known to have problematic email filters.


We want to stress that we always reply all enquiry and support emails very promptly without fail.

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