DataFolio our SGX data downloading and management software. It has in its core a Metastock© data format database of SGX stock data and worldwide stock indices. It is now into its forth version with new features in response to feedback and requests from our customers.


Price: DataFolio license is a one-time fee. There is NO recurring monthly subscription fee.


Key features:


°    SGD88.00 one-time and defintely NO recurring monthly subscripion fees.

°    Complete library of Singapore stocks historical database going back to 1987 included.

°    Direct download of end-of-day stock data from Singapore Exchange website.

°    Complete data file management utilities - stock split, bonus issue, rights, currency conversion.

°    Historical database in the latest MetaStock© binary data format*.

°    Stocks, Warrants, Trusts, Funds, Bonds, NCPS, ADR and GDR in separate folders for easy search.

°    Direct updating to the latest MetaStock© binary format* database.


Automatically check for dates to download.

°    Automatically download multiple days to last business day.

°    Automatically create new files for new IPO stocks.

°    Automatically update company name change.


Adjust historical data for splits, bonus, rights, special/bonus dividend, currency conversion.

°    Market summary view sorted by column of choice.

°    View past days Market Summary for activity patterns.

°    Stocks listed in foreign currencies converted to SGD for CORRECT sorting. We are the only such source.

°    Update rich set of Market Breadth data to the MetaStock© format* database. We are the only source that computes SGX market breadth correctly.

°    SGX TRIN. We are the only source.

°    SGX AdvDec Ratio. We are the only source.

°    SGX AdvDec Spread. We are the only source.

°    SGX Adv Volume. We are the only source.

°    SGX Dec Volume. We are the only source.

°    SGX UpDown Volume Ratio. We are the only source.

°    SGX UpDown Volume Spread. We are the only source.

°    SGX Adv.

°    SGX Dec.

°    SGX Unch

°    SGX approved links to the SGX website for one-click listed companies information.

°    Compatible with any technical analysis software that reads the latest MetaStock© binary data format*.

°    Up to 6000* securities can be stored in one directory.


* Note:

1) Example of software that will read the latest MetaStock© binary format are AmiBroker current version and MetaStock© versions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and now 15. Technical analysis software that are not compatible with the latest MetaStock© binary format will not be able to read beyond the 255th securities in the folder.


2) MetaStock© versions 12, 13 and 14 no longer read the MetaStock© binary format.  Instead they require subscription to Reuters DataLink™ even for end-of-day data.


Unable to offer free trial:

DataFolio requires the provided full and complete MetaStock© binary format historical database to work properly. This requires the provision of the entire full and complete historical database. Provision of a crippled historical database for a free trial will only result in an inaccurate trial performance. Therefore, we are unable to offer a free trial of DataFolio.


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