Learn to trade like the Turtles with the Original Turtle Rules they were taught.

TurtleRules is programmed by a former commodity trader and bank proprietary trader.

The only Turtle trading software programmed with strict adherence to the Original Turtle Rules.

Optimize parameters: % Risk per N, N Stops, ATR, Breakouts, Trailing Stops, FailSafe and Max Unit.

Walk Bar-by-Bar gives the feel of day-to-day signals and expectations,  provides complete learing experience.

Ability to see theoretical trades versus simulated actual trades for proper appreciation of the Original Turtle Rules.

Built-in ghost system tracks all theoretical trades, including skipped trades, for accurate Last Profitable Trade Filter.


The SGX provides end-of-day data free since 1997.

You need a data management software and historical database.

DataFolio helps you download the data and update to its historical database.

We wrote DataFolio so you no longer need to pay monthly subscription for SGX data.

In its core is a MetaStock© binary format database of SGX data and worldwide stock indexes.

Any charting software that reads the MetaStock© binary format database will read the database.

The MetaStock© binary format database can be read natively by MetaStock© version 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and now 15.


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