Support via Email


To accord efficient response and good time management, we provide all technical support via email. We answer all our emails promptly throughout the 24-hour day, including weekends. Please email your questions by using the contact page.


Please note the following tips when emailing technical support:


Software Problems: It is much faster to resolve any software problem if you send us information that are as specific as possible. All our software has built-in system of error-reporting message that will help us to immediately trouble-shoot the right place to provide quick turn-around response. Please provide the error-reporting message which usually is only up to 4 short lines of important information.


Data Problems: This is for DataFolio users only. Details that are as specific as possible is necessary to resolve data problems quickly. Please provide the stock name and date in question. A common problem is unable to find a particular stock. Usually the problem fall into two area: 1) looking at wrong data folder for a different asset type, 2) some stock name begin with the word *The* in front of the stock name.


We cannot solve Yahoo Finance! data problem. This is outside our means.


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