The Turtle Trading System is a popular and proven trend trading system. It was taught by Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt to a group of traders in 1983. You can now have in your computer the most user friendly and powerful Turtle Trading System software ever developed for both profession and individual investors.


Before you trade the Turtle Trading System with real money, you should learn it first and be comfortable with it. You need a tool that not only calculate and produce the Turtle signals in strict adherence to the Turtle rules but you also need a learning tool to help you learn. TurtleRules does both. TurtleRules capabilities will assist you to make better informed trading decisions with the Turtle Trading System, whether you trade in futures, forex, stocks or bonds.


TurtleRules is programmed with strict adherence to the Original Turtle Rules; N volatility calculation, position sizing, money management, pyramid, entry, exit, notional account adjustment to account profit and drawdown, and more.


With feedback from the professional trading community, we added a powerful learning feature which we call Walk Bar-by-Bar. You can walk forward or backward to analyze any part of the chart until you understand the Turtle methodology. We know of no other tools so powerful and friendly that helps you to learn the Turtle Trading System in such an effective way.


While the Turtle Trading System is still valid today, trading conditions across different markets are not exactly that identical. You further need something that allows you to tweak the Turtle Trading System. TurtleRules gives you this flexibility to tweak the Turtle parameters and to run optimization on the range of parameters you want to tweak.


The Turtle Trading System is an end-of-day system and TurtleRules is designed as an end-of-day for traders who do their analysis after the markets close. The Turtle Trading system is not suitable for intra-day analysis as intra-day data has too much noise that hinder the effectiveness of any trend trading system.


TurtleRules is programmed by a trader for fellow traders so you can expect the software to be easy to use. No complicated and cumbersome navigation. It is by far the most user-friendly and powerful Turtle trading software. Whether you are an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, TurtleRules helps you to successfully and effectively master the famous Turtle Trading System.


Do not just take our word for it. Download a 15-day no obligation free trial and check it out. No personal information, no email address required to download.


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